Connecting the Dots: Finding our Way
Like Hansel and Gretel leaving a trail of bread crumbs, trails have been left–by our ancestors, modern physics, neurology, biology, psychology, spiritual paths and religions–and we can learn to follow these trails if we ask the right questions.  As seekers looking to find the way “home,”ours is a multi-century quest, but the dots do lead us.  How we connect them depends mostly on what we are looking for.  Join me on this odyssey, and be ready to transform your relationship to the world around you.
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Hi, my name is Lia.

Connecting the dots is about my lifelong quest to integrate and make whole all the conscious and unconscious forces and feelings I have experienced and learned from. While one result will be a book, I hope this website will be another. One where you and other fellow seekers find more answers than questions.

My quest has extended over 4 decades so far and was born unconsciously in the summer of my ninth year. It was then I healed a horse without either understanding of why or how it worked. My work in learning how and why has taken me through centuries, across the the continents, into intricacies of modern physics, and required listening to ancient teachings. All this to re-create a paradigm for viewing the world and ourselves as part of a connected life force and society.

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Reach out and share

These days it can feel like you have to make a leap of faith to listen to your intuition. Our rapidly changing times are asking all of us to go deep within and seek out what we truly are here to do. No matter your level of comfort or awareness of intuition, feel free to come join our community, share one of your stories, find out about workshops, or just get notified when my book comes out.