Help Them Soar

If you look at the cover of my book, you will see a Scarlet Macaw just like this one! Did you know that parrots have evolved beyond other birds in the same way that humans have other primates according to many recent studies? Let’s help keep them able to live by their cellular mandates in the wild. Right now any amount you give will be doubled! No amount is too small! On behalf of all parrots, THANK YOU!

I coined the term cellular mandates to represent wisdom within our bodies. Part of it could be an epigenetic inheritance, or our ancestors whispering in our cells’ ears. But the information being communicated to us through our bodies (or being generated within our bodies) is largely ignored. Why? How does that serve us? Because we are concerned that listening to our bodies’ wisdom will make us seem weak?

Actually befriending the instruments that our bodies are, makes us feel more comfortable in our skin than if we don’t. In fact, there are some rather amazing abilities that open to us when we choose to align with the wisdom inside us! To learn more get my book Connecting the Dots Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science and read the chapter “Cellular Mandates”, and “Epigenetics”.

I would also recommend reading the chapter “Trust your Gut?” to get a clear understanding of some of the invisible influences on our bodies. It’s available on Amazon,…/dp/B09KKF6YJ7 .

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