Photo By Abo Ngalonkulu

 None of us likes to feel alone, and yet where we are taught to seek connection, very rarely satisfies that deep need. That is why so many love relationships fail. We are looking for something from them that we are supposed to get from other sources.

We are hardwired for connection, but we are not taught how to exist in connection.  Instead, we are taught that it is only through other humans that we will have a connection, or perhaps also with the divine (in a removed fashion). Because of this, we stop being open to receiving connection from the constant places we received it as infants. We are told that we come into this world alone, and we buy that, but if you think about it, we don’t. We do not feel alone in our mother’s womb because we are surrounded by our human mother.  Even though we probably don’t understand that we are able to sense it. For example, we “hear” her heartbeat, even before we have ears because we can feel the vibration on a cellular level. 

Everything vibrates, it is the first language. It exists on a molecular/cellular level and not just for humans but for plants, animals, insects, and more).   And while we are connected to our human mother from the first moment of our conception, we are also connecting to our earth mother and other vibrational frequencies that are around us as well. So, we are not alone when we come into the world, we simply have not yet felt or seen things from just our surface, through the skin of our hands or our eyes.  Yet, we know beyond all doubt that we are connected to many others.

If this is true, then why do we experience such strong feelings of loneliness? Can you guess? Because we no longer are conscious of our ability to connect to the world around us vibrationally. For some reason, we are taught a different reality. But take heart, because we still can!  Nothing changes for us physically from birth to adolescence in terms of the biological systems we are born with.

The only ability that shuts down when we leave childhood behind (around the age of seven) is the ability to easily learn languages.  No other ability leaves us. This means that we still can connect to the world around us in ways that are deeply sustaining. It just takes effort, like riding a bike, or learning new software would. Specifically, it takes being willing to pay attention to how it feels when you receive or pick up energetic emanations that come at you.

As you become aware of what receiving information in this manner feels like,  you need to then determine what you are supposed to do with it.  Some information will produce an impulse to move away from its source.  Some will produce an impulse to move closer to its source.  Some will feel good, and some won’t, with all the possible variations in between. Once you have experienced all of this you can begin to determine what they each mean to you in your life. Just the way you have a different relationship to your (mother, father, sister, brother, uncle, grandfather, or teacher), then your sister or brother has with that same person.  

You will also have a different relationship with energy than others do, and your body will help you figure this out. I am talking about forming an alliance with your body and its inherent wisdom.  This is how we are able to form the connections with the natural world around us, that can sustain us. We are never alone or without connection. We only think we are.

Copyright 2021 Lia Russ

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