Sunday Series: These Shores, Part One

Memoirs Of A Spiritual Catalyst

Photo Credit : Priscilla Du Preez

Forever I have run to these shores …
Forever I have run from these shores …

Lia Russ

That is the beginning of a poem I wrote a long time ago. I wrote that when I was 18 and it is about my relationship to energy, and spiritual dimensions.

I had vacillated between the mundane and magical worlds so often that by 18, I was already seeing the pattern.  It was frustrating, working with something that others could not see, did not have daily encounters with, that they denied, but which I had difficulty shutting out.  All that was made harder by the fact that I was virtually alone.  I had no siblings, and my father, a Yugoslavian Gypsy, had died before he could impart any understanding of his culture (which should have been “ours”) to me. 

By this time, I was struggling with finding self-acceptance, a task that was made much harder by my constant moving and my undiagnosed dyslexia.  We all know how hard it is on kids to have to uproot and change schools, and I had to do that almost yearly. I wanted 3 things beyond anything: to have a dad, to have hope for my future, and to be like other kids. Ok, there was a 4th, to have a horse!

Copyright 2021 Lia Russ

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Sunday Series: These Shores, Part Two

Memoirs of a Spiritual Catalyst I regularly went through periods of swearing off exploring energetic realms in hopes of accomplishing the coveted goal of being like other kids. But no matter how hard I tried to shut off my awareness of energy or my clairvoyance, I could not. It got to the point where I…

Sunday Series : These Shores, Part Three

Memoirs Of A Spiritual Catalyst I had to learn everything myself, by trial and error.  And aside from being very lonely, exploring the world we cannot see without any community guidance, can be scary if not dangerous, (however please note that I did survive!). Although I did not understand it at the time, everything that…

Sunday Series: These Shores, Part Four

Memoirs of A Spiritual Catalyst I had studied about shamans in college, but I did not associate myself as one until fairly recently.  It wasn’t until I was in my 40’s that I heard someone say that shamanism was a path to direct revelation.  There have been shamans in every culture since the earliest of…

Sunday Series: These Shores, Part Five

Memoirs of A Spiritual Catalyst If you see visions, it can be very hard to tell the difference between several important factors.  Is what I’m seeing for me? (Or for someone else?) Is what I’m seeing a warning of things to come? (Or is it something from the past?)  These are very important questions to…

Sunday Series: These Shores, Part Six

Memoirs of A Spiritual Catalyst At 18, and continuing for more than a decade, I was hungry for information Despite vacillating between the shore of believing in the unseen world, and running from it with all my might. I wanted someone to tell me “Yes these things are real”!  I wanted guidance in using these…

Sunday Series: These Shores, Part Seven

Memoirs of A Spiritual Catalyst It was almost too much for me, this solitary journey without any guidance from people around me, but the very connections that my sensitivity to reality allowed me to find in nature, were the things that kept me “fed” and able to survive – despite my extreme pain and isolation.…

Copyright 2021 Lia Russ

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