Weaving Together Support              

   Can I say, with a margin of safety, that there are some people out there who exhibit one or more of the following: have premonitions, are intuitive, are able to heal others, can speak with those who are no longer living in physical bodies, are able to communicate with animals and more? 

Our bodies do not evolve randomly, (nothing on this planet evolved – or was created – randomly, especially you!). Because of this fact, the existence of some people who do exhibit the ability to interact with the unseen world leads me to ask; What benefit to survival would these abilities have?  This leads me to What mechanisms in the body might allow this awareness to be possible? 

Why would only some humans develop this ability?  It also makes me want to examine the circumstances under which these special abilities develop as well as try to gain an understanding of any commonalities in both the development of these abilities and the experience of finding one’s self at the mercy of interaction with senses that our society at large rejects.  What is the cost to the individual having to experience this and are there commonalities in how they coped?   

The upshot of this is that I am going to do a series of interviews with folks who have dealt with any of these types of occurrences. I want to, begin to find the common threads that we can weave together to promote and support our young ones (and newbies or any age) in their struggle for self: understanding, mastery, and acceptance in dealings with the invisible world, and what it’s like Being Born Magical.     

If you have any questions or would like to share the extraordinary experience(s) you have had, comment below or PM me.   You can also email me at lia@connectingthedots.guru.

Photo Credit: Claudia Lam

Copyright 2022 Lia Russ

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