The Earth Is Flat

Exploring Connecting The Dots

Today I would like to share with you an excerpt from the Introduction of my book Connecting the Dots Ancient Wisdom Modern Science. 

The Earth is Flat 

Hi. I’m here to tell you the world is flat.  Oops — wrong paradigm! Paradigms are accepted ways of looking at and understanding our world.  Put another way, paradigms form frameworks of accepted thought that govern a society’s view of anything, from physics to geography, even the concepts of good and bad.  I find paradigms fascinating because they reveal so much about where a culture stands. 

People can be comforted by paradigms because they give the illusion that the corners of our world are tacked down, safe, predictable. They can also give us a sense of belonging; if we believe in the same paradigm, we seem connected.  Maybe you even feel “safe” to me, or like you are a “good” person, just because you believe the same things I do.  Conversely, people with beliefs outside our paradigm can seem foreign, even scary. 

The problem with belief systems is that we often stop “seeing” things that exist outside those systems, even if they are right in front of our faces.  They can also lead to complacency, especially if they encourage people not to think for themselves, exactly what our current paradigm teaches. 

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Photo Credit: Tim Foster

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