Connecting The Dots

Have you ever felt someone was watching you, while you were focused on something else?

Being Born Magical: The Eyes Have It.

Have you ever felt something, like someone was watching you, while you were focused on something else? Only to look around and see that someone was watching you?

 Are you curious about such things? I know I am. This is what led me to the research that ultimately became my book Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science.

Did you know that in Feng Shui the art of object placement is based on drawing people’s eyes to a specific point because it moves the energy of the room?  This helps explain why we can feel someone’s gaze on us. But more than that, it also illustrates that we do feel the energy! And this opens doors for us to change our relationship to the world, and our lives! …

If you would like to explore this more I have created a program called

Reconnect to Self, Source & Spirit to Manifest the Life & Business You Want
In this powerful transformation program you will:

  • Access Ancient Wisdom in your gut to increase your energy, clarity and unlimited sense of personal power.
  • Activate your innate ability to make strong confident decisions from your heart to that allow you to open up to unparalleled new relationships and experiences that are in perfect alignment with you.
  • Unlock the part of you that connects directly with the spiritual realm to receive increasingly strong, clear guidance for yourself and others.
  •  Discover how to access hidden reserves of personal experience, emotion, & sensation that let you release trauma and activate joy.
  • Learn how to Consistently Align… with the flow of energy to manifest your best life.

We meet on Zoom for an hour once a week for 6 weeks. Each class will be recorded and available for participants so they can listen to each session anytime they want.  Because I’m so excited about the launch of my pilot program everyone who joins would receive this program for a huge discount. Only $99.97!!! It will only be open for 15 people,
and the first 6 people get a 30 min. clarity call with me!

Also if you have had spiritual or magical experiences and would be interested in being interviewed for my new show called Being Born Magical get in touch with me via email at

If you don’t already have my book you can find it on Amazon here:

Connecting The Dots Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science


Photo Credit: Gita Krishnamurti

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