In Honor of Women’s History Month

Photo by Lia Russ

Our culture has not been kind to women.

When faced with the receptive dark places in your life –

The warm fecund feminine aspects of yourself, or of the world – Do you feel the sacredness?  Do you feel the power?

Only women can carry life, nurture it and bring it forth…

This makes us better manifesters, did you know that? 

Because we were designed to be able to do this, we can carry, nurture and bring forth all kinds of energies, not just human children…

By looking at the real laws that govern creation, we can infer many other ways to live our lives than the path laid out for us by our culture.

Caves represent the womb of the earth and are also seen as entrances to the subconscious or underworld.

When I stand at the altar of the openings to such places, I am transformed, because I allow myself to reach with energetic fingers into those spaces. I feel into them, I breathe them in, creating an exchange of energy,… it within me, me within it.

“It is time,” says the voice from within the darkness…
It is time for the sacred and the feminine to be born together again, carried as one in our hearts, minds, words and deeds… Are you called?

Copyright 2022 Lia Russ

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