Reflections on Crossing Over

How do you feel about death?

Is it like the one you lost crossed a bridge, and they are too far away to see but you still expect to see them to walk around the corner into view…?

Is it like a door that your loved one walked through and it closed behind them with a cold finality, leaving you devoid of any connection to them?

Photo by Anton Sharov

Is there still a sense of your loved one around you that pulls bitter sweet moisture from your eyes?

Is your awareness of them so strong at times that you laugh or cry -feeling you are doing so with them?

If you are missing someone, watch the video above to the end. The reference to being calibrated comes from previous discussions, but it basically refers to being in balance…

It will, if you are open, provide you with a new perspective… one that could help shift the feeling of complete loss into something much more supportive…

Care to EXPAND?

If you are struggling with wanting to feel better, to move forward in a world that is now physically devoid of someone, check out the first chapter about the Law of Thermal Dynamics chapter in my book, “Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science”, and see how our continued persistence/existence after we leave these bodies is scientifically proven…

PM or IM me if you are interested in discussing these issues, I am available for healing and energy sessions.

Copyright 2022 Lia Russ

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