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Lia Russ

Lia, Wisdom Keeper is a powerful healer and empath, who is intensely passionate about the mysteries and science behind our abilities to read, understand, and work with energy. As a medicine woman dedicated to liberating the light within us, Lia has spent the majority of her life exploring paths and possibilities that many would be afraid to travel.  Her exploration of both physical and spiritual realities, in the past and the present has provided answers to what ails many old souls on the planet.

She is neurodivergent and highly efficient in non-linear thoughts and processes – allowing her to access information across timelines and dimensions. 

Because she was self-taught Lia excels at helping others find their own way, as opposed to teaching one doctrine over others.

Lia was unaware that she was different from others until she moved from a very tiny rural town in the mountains of Colorado to a hip suburb of NYC.

Lia is a Reiki Master and teacher, she is also a Shamanic Reiki Master, a Shaman, and a Flower Essence Practitioner, and holds a certificate in Creative Art Therapy and Sand Play, as well as being a Yoga Instructor

Things talked to Lia for as long as she can remember.  Sometimes those things were alive, like animals, plants, and insects, and sometimes they weren’t as in rocks, minerals, and sometimes even objects.

Between her sensitivities to energy, odd abilities, and discovering that she was dyslexic, Lia feared that she would never fit in. She grew to dislike her differences from other children. But despite her best efforts to shut out her awareness of the unseen world, she could not. 

Coupled with her inability to operate well in a linear thinking paradigm, Lia began to feel like she was irrevocably stupid and despaired about what life would be like for her as an adult. This sense of despair followed her until that very discomfort caused her to leave the USA for the Far East at age nineteen. She was searching for acceptance, for both herself and the continual barrage of communication from other dimensions that she kept experiencing. 

Lia is currently working on the memoir of her trip to Asia called Winging It which should be available on Amazon in early 2023.

What she learned with medicine people and shamans from around the world, as well as from deep dives into psychology, biology, and physics, is life-transforming and easily learned by others. This is the purpose of her book Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern science. In it, she covers much ancient knowledge from around the world. She identifies the biological systems within us that we use to read energies and ties those awarenesses back to science. Establishing that the information our ancestors deduced regarding the mysteries of the world was in fact surprisingly accurate.

Blending Science & Magical Reality to Transform your Life!

Lia’s work is dedicated to helping others who have never felt mainstream, or felt like they never fit in, find self-acceptance and recognize their gifts. She helps people discover who they are and not just feel good about themselves but guides them in developing their gifts and helps them utilize them that help them and the planet.

Lia’s mission mantra is – “We are all here for a reason, we each carry within us a gift, or a perspective, that when added to the whole can change the world.”

Being an avid Heart Healer, Lia also specializes in helping others heal, and find peace with root issues and turning them into powerful allies. Her energy helps her clients to ease into their being – to feel at ease with their gifts and challenges alike. Lia’s warmth and amassed knowledge, plus her gifts, are a wonderful resource to add to your awakening process, whether you are just beginning to explore this path, or have been on it for years.

Lia is a Reiki Master and teacher, she is also a Shamanic Reiki Master, a Shaman, and a Flower Essence Practitioner, and holds a certificate in Creative Art Therapy and Sand Play, as well as being a Yoga Instructor.  She holds classes and workshops, and lectures, conducts private healings, and is available for one on one coaching, and mentoring.

To further her mission, Lia has co-created Lightworkers Lifeline with Meghma Hira, which is dedicated to helping awakening lightworkers and Starseeds find their gifts and receive training and support to use them. Lightworkers Lifeline is a supportive incubation program to help emerging energy workers, healers and lightworkers recognize, accept and honor themselves as the emissaries of New Earth Consciousness. At this time it is providing its members with 6 months of free weekly support group meetings, so hurry up and join!

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