About Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science

I healed a horse when I was 9 by following inner promptings that I was always aware of, but usually ignored. In that moment, I became aware of a dichotomy that splits everyday life, from the extraordinary.  I also saw that the two need not be mutually exclusive (yet we are taught they are). It instilled in me a burning desire to understand not only how such things were possible (from a logical scientific perspective) but a need to understand why we would choose as a species not to incorporate things like healing miracles into our everyday consciousness.

My book, Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science takes you on my quest for answers that took me across continents (I left the USA at 19 years old, and traveled through the Orient and the Far East for 2.5 years), deep dives into ancient texts and healing methods, and the intricacies of modern biology and physics. 

My perspective as an intuitive, empathic, clairvoyant visionary allows me to bridge modern science with ancient knowledge in clear unique ways.  All resulting in tools or techniques that the reader can immediately begin to use to manifest a richer, more supported, healthier, and connected life.

Connecting the Dots: Modern Science, Ancient Wisdom  is a complete transformation manual that can be used to create a life of greater ease ‎and more support than many of us dreamed possible. Practicing the techniques in this book will improve ‎your relationships (including with yourself). You will begin to understand how you are manifesting ‎unconsciously and therefore not creating the life you desire.

You will learn how to identify the “sound” of ‎your intuition’s voice and develop a relationship with this vital part of yourself, make heart-centered ‎decisions (where you will never experience vacillations) and know for certain if you are in the right place at ‎the right time.

You will experience less anxiety as well as fewer dis-eases that result from long-term ‎exposure to anxiety. Learning how to open yourself to nature and recognize connections there will sustain ‎you in consistent, powerful ways. Doing so allows you to turn away from empty calorie (non-nutritive) ‎addictions, purchases, and other destructive behaviors that result from being connection starved. ‎

Weaving together modern science and traditional practices, Connecting the Dots gives you the tools to understand yourself in a new way that can lead to profound changes in your health and wellbeing. This up lifting and affirming book is filled with ancient teachings and beliefs and scientific findings that explain not just the possibility of the existence of heightened awareness, and healing abilities, but gives you actual physical proof of how and why they do exist, and how we are able to accomplish them.

Things like whats a gut reaction? Or is there life after death? Are we really beings of light? The author explains with startling clarity these things and more, like why she doesn’t think we have six senses, (but knows we have eight!).

Prepare to have preconceived notions challenged and changed as you Connect The Dots in your own life.  

Connecting The Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science is available on Amazon.

Praise for Connecting The Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science

This author smoothly, logically and clearly brings into focus some connections you may have suspected, others you never imagined, and some will that will simply astonish you when pointed out. The natural world is full of wonders that science is only beginning to understand, but some of these were already known for aeons – some through intuition, some maybe through simple trial and error, but still, they were known. Some of it will connect with you deeply, and maybe some won’t, but Ms. Russ delves into the science of all of it in ways that I have rarely seen. It’s not a sensationalistic “Mysteries of the Ancients!” book at all, but rather a clear, logical and deep dive into the science behind many things previously not well understood. Acupuncture is a good example: dismissed by the West as “Asian Voodoo” for ages, it is now well known to be effective in some cases for some people, and science is starting to understand how (and no, it’s not the placebo effect – Ms. Russ explained, to my surprise, how medical scientists have recently discovered a previously unknown network throughout the body just under the skin that apparently provides the mechanism for it).

So be prepared to be educated. Not dry at all; you can feel the wonder with which she regards the world, which she has travelled widely collecting her body of knowledge. A fascinating read.

Joel Leitner

Lia presents the subject matter of connecting science and spirituality in an easy to understand format. Building the subject matter in a logical and easy to follow manner you can understand the many ways that modern science is catching up to what the indigenous peoples always knew. Even though I have studied this connection for many years Lia had a number of facts and recent discoveries that I was unaware of till reading Connecting the Dots. I have gained knowledge and insights that I can use in my spiritual/healing practice as well as my personal relationships. I highly recommend this book to anyone seeking to better their understanding of themselves as well as the world around them.

Donna C.

In Lia Russ’s “Connecting the Dots Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science” she touches on quite a few of the connections that I studied in writing my thesis for my MFA in interdisciplinary Art. She has deeply explored the interconnection of science and ancient practice and applies it to her learned experiences. In reflecting science and modern physics into her shamanic path and her healing practice and demonstrating those interconnected systems with personal and professional examples we can follow her path to connecting the dots. And it’s well written and superbly edited to be both expansive and laconic. Her personal scenarios are colorful without being dramatic and her scientific connectivity is plain with clearly descriptive and tangible cohesion. This is an excellent exploration of science and ancient practice and it’s overlap in her experience. And a good read!

J. Angus Munro

I am an East-West Navigator who have been exposed to Eastern philosophies growing up in the East and lived in the USA for the past 30 years. I am also an ex-molecular biologist who have been “enlightened” into a NEW AGE global citizen since 2020.I urge everyone who is interested learning how people should combine Ancient Wisdom (that was NOT created for commercial reasons) and Modern Science (that has been an excited, unlearning-relearning journey of the Universe), definitely check out the perspectives shared here from Lia Russ. As a divine being, we can open up endless opportunities by KNOWING who we truly are and ALIGNING our true life purpose to serve others. Join the SOURCE, and become whole again.


Lia Russ is also the creator of Gluten-free by Design, which is a group of 24 static pages that are designed to be a resource for people with gluten allergies, wheat allergies, or celiac disease. She also reviews gluten-free products, as well as restaurants…