Invisible Chains – Part 2

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This whole thing is surrealistic to me… and yet in some ways I must have had a sense this was coming.

Eight years ago when I began writing my book, I was inspired to dedicate the entire last section of the book to examining how women have been created…

Not by God –

but by the evolution of Man’s distortions of reality –

for the sole purpose of being able to control women –

Including ownership of their bodies (which if you follow Original-ism – does not belong to her anyway… because she came from Adam’s rib.

Never mind that the original Hebrew word for Adam [adamah] literally translates to ground or earth … which would make it seem more like a referral to the process of creating humans- as opposed to a single male….

Also if God creating Eve from Adams rib made not just her, but every single woman who came after – all belong to men… then wouldn’t it follow that man belongs to the earth in just the same way…?

We are all still created by the minerals and molecules of earth… but



Did you know how recently women were spared from it being illegal for a wife to deny her husband sex in this country?


Did you know that ORIGINALLY (thanks to the work of Sir Mathew Hale – the exact person Alito quotes) – a husband can not be found guilty of raping his wife – because she is a part of him (coming from his rib…) “and you can not rape yourself”… est. in 1713.

I spent a lot of time studying what was originally written in the bible – and it is pretty hard to read literally. And if it cannot be taken literally – then WHO GETS TO DECIDE how to interpret its real meaning?

Not anyone who benefits from a woman’s subjugated status! PLEASE!!!

The following is an excerpt from the New York Times…

“If you narrow your vision to look only for specific words that people used when the Constitution was drafted, you will always be engaged in a process of halting progress beyond that moment in time.

Was there gay marriage in 1868? No? Well then, due process obviously doesn’t protect any right to marriage equality. You freeze recognition of rights as of the nineteenth century, while claiming to be neutrally applying interpretive principles to reach that conclusion.

Of course, in order to achieve this result, you absolutely may not widen the perspective to consider the ultimate goals inherent in the Constitution. The question of whether the Framers (or the Constitution itself) contemplated an idea of securing the right to bodily autonomy is prohibited.

Don’t ask whether it makes sense to apply eighteenth-century notions of personhood to a twenty-first-century country. Ask only whether the Constitution mentions “abortion.”

Alito, of course, already knew the answer to that—we all did. Both the question, and the analysis, are disingenuous. His ninety-plus-page opinion, citing some ancient (and bizarre) sources, merely attempts to obscure it.

That is the point of originalism, and it explains why so many right-wing lawyers and judges cling to it. The solutions to complex issues are rendered simple, predetermined.

In other words, originalism is not neutral and never has been. It is a political tool designed to halt progress.

Originalists argue that it’s not their fault that the drafters [of the constitution] may have been slaveholders, or uniformly male, or white, or without any knowledge of contemporary technology or a more inclusive notion of humanity. Them’s the breaks; mere accidents of history. Or they argue that they are only interpreting the law as written. If you want to change the law, they say, that’s the role of the legislature, not the judiciary. But that, too, is a profoundly dishonest response.

To say that is to say that the Dred Scott case was correctly decided when it was written, in 1857. At that time, as Justice Roger Taney wrote, Black people “had no rights which the White man was bound to respect.” That holding is now universally regarded as one of the most shameful in Supreme Court history.

It is an object lesson in the misapplication of legal principles to profoundly inhuman ends. Black

Americans should have been entitled to full citizenship, and to all the protections of the Constitution, from the moment the country was founded.

Our legal system, however, didn’t recognize their rights, and that failure is the great crime of this country’s founding.

The logic of originalism, as expressed in Alito’s draft opinion, would mean that Black Americans should not have been entitled to citizenship, or to their full humanity, until the civil-rights amendments said so. To say that the law is correct because it’s what the law says, is, at best, circular, and, in many instances, monstrous.

With regard to bodily autonomy, women must be entitled to it, irrespective of whether the Constitution explicitly provides for it.

If not, why should we believe Justice Alito’s assertion, in his draft opinion, that overturning Roe would not affect contraception, or gay marriage, or interracial marriage—all of which depend on an understanding of notions of autonomy, or privacy, that fall within “due process”?

Some legal scholars and judges question whether the due-process clause is the best vehicle for protecting privacy.

Perhaps, instead, it is the Tenth Amendment, which suggests that there are rights unmentioned in the Constitution that are reserved “by the people.” But, without some constitutional protection for bodily autonomy, or privacy, which would cover these profoundly personal issues, what is there to prevent the state from, say, requiring you to give up a kidney in order to save someone else’s life?

Would Alito argue that, because the Constitution is silent on compulsory kidney donation, it’s not prohibited?

Isn’t that the flip side of requiring someone to carry a fetus to term unwillingly (and often at risk of illness or death)?

If a surgeon were to show up on an originalist’s doorstep with a scalpel and a cooler filled with ice, I doubt that originalist would just sigh and lift his shirt.

Surely, then, the right to bodily autonomy, or privacy, is inherent in the essential freedoms contained in the Constitution.

None of the other rights—such as the First Amendment right to the “freedom of speech,” or “peaceably to assemble,” or the Fourth Amendment right of the people to be “secure in their persons”—make sense without a right to control our bodies.

But the denial of rights is the point. The originalist project is not the neutral application of interpretive principles but an effort to thwart progress at all costs. The result will always be that some Americans will forever be struggling to catch up with the rights that others have had from the very start”.

Lia Russ Copyright 2022

If you would like to learn more about women’s issues and how they connect to current matters facing women today, please follow this link for my book, “Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science


Sailko, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for concrete answers – regarding the invisible chains that women are struggling against today, you must view their origins. Consider the Papal Bull, the “Vox In Rama”, put forth by Pope Gregory IX on June 13th, 1233, it is really something we should all be familiar with, along with 3 others. Please bear with me, if you do not immediately see the correlations here.  All will become clear in the end.

Papal Bulls, in case you don’t know, are the laws that the Pope puts in place.  Pope Gregory IX wanted to see some big changes in the institution that the church had become, and this, his first Bull, certainly does that!

It is based on the reports of a clergyman who supposedly infiltrated a coven.  Here the man claims he witnessed a statue of a black cat come to life, and the disciples in the room, kiss the butthole of the cat, swearing their allegiance.  He then reports that the entire group proceeds to pleasure themselves in all manner of un-condoned sexual ways (obviously the work of the devil). Faced with this report, our good Pope Gregory IX, has to proclaim all cats can potentially be agents of Satin.

“Thou shalt not suffer a cat…”  This Bull, reshaped the view of the cat in European society in general, morphing it from a pagan sacred animal into an agent of hell. This demonization led to the widespread, violent persecution of cats.  Black cats in particular.

Because a learned Pope, chosen by God (or however they are elected) said these things were true, and made a law declaring the dangerous nature of cats, it meant that a huge number of people jumped on the bandwagon, and a whole lot of cats got tortured and murdered in a hurry.

Alas, the sudden drop in the cat population, allowed for an explosion in the rat and mouse populations of these areas.  The Black Death (also known as the Bubonic Plague) exploded right along with them, following on their tiny little heels.

Looking at the times, it could be a safe to say, that this Bull was not so much about cats, as it was a way to gain control of people who opposed the church, (and the next couple of Bulls clearly illustrate how church laws were being written with the idea of spreading the churches control – not winning people over to Jesus.)
Think about it… this Bull gave almost immediate unfettered access to anyone the church authorities (or their minions) did not approve of.  

If the authorities wanted your land, or your body… or they hated what you stood for… all they had to do was say you were seen talking to a black cat, and they had reason enough to bring you in and question you…  make you disappear… or burn you at the stake… but not before, (of course) having you sign a confession… And you would pretty much sign any confession. 

Why is that?

Because by the late 1400s, a Catholic clergyman named Henricus Insititoris had published a book that goes into great detail describing how to recognize, and more importantly – how to torture a witch -and ultimately to produce a confession. It is called “The Hammer of Witches”.

According to scholar Rosemary Ellen Guiley, “this book was a best seller for 200 years, second only to the Bible.”  Yikes! (I bet that has got Jesus rolling over in his grave…) – Oh wait… “He has risen” … so no worries there!

The scary part here is that in the time between when the Vox in Rama was written, and when the Malleus Maleficarum, Maleficas (Hammer of Witches) was written… women have now become the sole focus of these witch hunts.

Yes guys, if you are jealous of the fact that sorcerers have now been relegated to the status of lesser power, then you (guys) will have to take it up with the church.

The distinction, in the minds of the men who wrote it, is a distinction between learning something and being born with the ability to access knowledge.  Sorcery can be learned, and anything that can be taught is… what? “of man”, and therefore less dangerous – less powerful – less of a threat… than an innate knowledge?  Even if the truth is we are all born with this innate knowledge?  And we only learn to disregard it because teachings from this same source encouraged us to.  I am not referring to God as the source of these teachings, but simply men of the church looking to control!  

According to this doctrine, only women are powerful enough to be of interest to the devil… except that’s not the reason that men came up with it, is it?

Oh no. Actually, women were seen as the weaker of the sexes – especially morally, when it comes to drives and being led astray… and therefore more easily corrupted than a man.  This theory is illustrated by the tale of Eve succumbing to a snake in the Garden of Eden.

Incidentally, did you know that in Hebrew (the original language of Genesis, the first bookof the Bible), the “serpent” who beguiled Eve was referred to as “nachash”, which is not the word for snake.  Nachash can be translated as an “angel of light” or the “shining one” – Isn’t that interesting? 

But we don’t want to paint Eve in a reasonable light – and being seduced by God’s most beautiful angel … might be reasonable… we might not feel so badly towards Eve for that, but being seduced by a snake, not many will sympathize with that!

The church directed its focus on women.  Women that were born with archaic knowledge inherently available to them.  If you were aware of energy, could talk to fellow inhabitants on this planet (not human), could heal, had premonitions, or just couldn’t wrap your head around all the restrictions put on women at that time (and so made other women jealous or angry who were not brave enough to not follow stifling doctrines…), these “gifts” made you a good target.

Other powers to watch for were the ability to make a man interested in you – or perhaps even obsessed with you – this would be the work of a witch. Consequently, women are the ones who are labeled as “morally weaker, and therefore more susceptible to demonic temptation” (Brian P. Levack 2008). 

Oh and let’s not forget the documented ability of some witches to remove a man’s penis!  Without these men losing a drop of blood! And if you think that isn’t a current fear that men have. Guess again.

Bizzare really, because men seem to have a universal, deep-seated fear of women doing this to them… despite that there are no factual recordings of this happening to men, by women – (well except for Lorena Bobbitt…), but certainly not en masse.
Yet, millions of women have been, and are still being sexually mutilated by having their clitoris removed. An article from the World Health Organization on female genital mutilation reports that “more than 200 million girls and women alive today have been cut in 30 countries.

The irony here is mind boggling.

Men accuse women of stealing their penises, and literally heads roll. But women actually have their clitoris stolen and … nothing happens… Very strange….

But wait, I haven’t finished with witches documented abilities… there are MORE!

These witches who could magically remove a man’s penis, were known to “keep the severed penises in nests, in trees, feeding them milky oats”.  Wow! Now I AM impressed!!!

Not only can these witches remove your penis magically – without blood loss or killing you (wish they could do that for the clitorectomies’ too!), but they are able to install a set of tiny lungs, tiny teeth as well (cause oats need chewing…), and a stomach to digest the food with! And that is how you keep a magically severed penis alive, like a pet!! 

And for these well documented, horrible crimes that I just listed, thousands of women were tortured and burned alive. 

Or, if you somehow managed to cling to your plea of innocence throughout your long incarceration and torture, then your innocence was left to God to determine.  You were bound head to toe with rope and then rocks were secured to your body with more rope.  And then they threw you in deep water.  If you did not drown, then God (because if God really loved you, and you were innocent, you would not sink when you were thrown bound head to toe in a lake with rocks tied to you.

History has recorded it over and over again, the majority of crimes, have been perpetuated by men. Currently, we have a crisis of mass violence committed with guns. Virtually none of these acts are carried out by women. Yet, women continue to persecuted, discriminated against, marginalized and abused, in the name of God.

Viewing things this way, It makes so much sense that the Bible says a woman shouldn’t hold power, should not teach, can’t cut her hair, should remain silent in church, and wait to ask any questions they might have of their obviously enlightened husbands.

But all of this aside, what I want to ask you is … did you know all of these occurrences in history?

I did not before I sat down and researched it.

Why do we still carry the superstition that a black cat crossing your path, is bad luck?
There is no scientific or spiritual evidence for this “wive’s” tale to persist…
However this sentiment persists to this day. My point being that awareness of cats being somehow dangerous, has persisted, through all these centuries…

We don’t remember why…   So we don’t ask questions…  Right?

I want to propose to you that the same thing has been done to women.

That our perception of women has been falsely tainted… and that tainting persists in our speech, in our thoughts and in our reaction to, and treatment of, women today.

You must understand the past to truly free yourself and your culture from it.

Lia Russ Copyright 2022

If you would like to learn more about women’s issues and how they connect to current matters facing women today, please follow this link for my book, Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science.

Reflections on Crossing Over

How do you feel about death?

Is it like the one you lost crossed a bridge, and they are too far away to see but you still expect to see them to walk around the corner into view…?

Is it like a door that your loved one walked through and it closed behind them with a cold finality, leaving you devoid of any connection to them?

Photo by Anton Sharov

Is there still a sense of your loved one around you that pulls bitter sweet moisture from your eyes?

Is your awareness of them so strong at times that you laugh or cry -feeling you are doing so with them?

If you are missing someone, watch the video above to the end. The reference to being calibrated comes from previous discussions, but it basically refers to being in balance…

It will, if you are open, provide you with a new perspective… one that could help shift the feeling of complete loss into something much more supportive…

Care to EXPAND?

If you are struggling with wanting to feel better, to move forward in a world that is now physically devoid of someone, check out the first chapter about the Law of Thermal Dynamics chapter in my book, “Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science”, and see how our continued persistence/existence after we leave these bodies is scientifically proven…

PM or IM me if you are interested in discussing these issues, I am available for healing and energy sessions.

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In Honor of Women’s History Month

Photo by Lia Russ

Our culture has not been kind to women.

When faced with the receptive dark places in your life –

The warm fecund feminine aspects of yourself, or of the world – Do you feel the sacredness?  Do you feel the power?

Only women can carry life, nurture it and bring it forth…

This makes us better manifesters, did you know that? 

Because we were designed to be able to do this, we can carry, nurture and bring forth all kinds of energies, not just human children…

By looking at the real laws that govern creation, we can infer many other ways to live our lives than the path laid out for us by our culture.

Caves represent the womb of the earth and are also seen as entrances to the subconscious or underworld.

When I stand at the altar of the openings to such places, I am transformed, because I allow myself to reach with energetic fingers into those spaces. I feel into them, I breathe them in, creating an exchange of energy,… it within me, me within it.

“It is time,” says the voice from within the darkness…
It is time for the sacred and the feminine to be born together again, carried as one in our hearts, minds, words and deeds… Are you called?

Copyright 2022 Lia Russ

Connecting the Dots, Sunday Series: Shadow Work                   

What are you birthing now?

Do you have a sense of it?

Let me know if you do…

Photo Credit: Darius Bashar

I forget sometimes, that I am precocious when it comes to many things, one of them being astrological events. For instance, if Mercury is going retrograde in 2 weeks, I will start experiencing it a least a week before most people will, sometimes even 2 weeks before the actual event. What can I say, some of us are just extra lucky?

The cool thing is, I dive right in, hunker down, and get my hands dirty. I analyze, (cry, rage, or despair – sometimes simultaneously), because I am interested in retuning to balance. Basically, I go through the lake of emotion, because I trust that there is an opposite shore, (even if I can’t see, or even, sense it). Whatever I need to do to embrace the issue, so I can process and move through it, I do. Sometimes this can happen quickly, and sometimes it takes longer to shift patterns.

I knew from a young age that my energy field was, if not vast… then powerful. I did not recognize this from an ego perspective. More like it was a sacred duty to hold space for the earth and her denizens. It was like I recognized a calling (at a time when I did not know of such things). One, that if I allowed my head to ruminate on – it would have rejected the possibility or affirmation of. It would have scoffed, and condemned, and not allowed me to honor this calling.

In my heart, there was a certainty of my path, and my purpose, that for many decades, my head was not prepared to deal with. And part of that had been my emotional body as well. I had to heal a lot of cracks, chinks and worn thin spots in my being before I could begin to integrate into the vessel I was meant to be.

This led to me, at 12, to choose to stop reading the newspaper. It also led me to walk out of the room whenever family or friends were watching the news. I was conscious of these things bringing my vibration down, and I knew it was more important for me to maintain a different kind of energy than carrying the one that exposing myself to the news generated in me.

It was as if I received a message, and that message conveyed to me a sense of having a part in the job steadying the energy around me.

I recognized that I had an effect. And also, that this effect was most powerful, when I stayed in a certain vibration. One that originated from my heart solar plexus area.

Back in the 70’s this was not a popular practice, and coupled with my dyslexia, contributed to my sense of not fitting in. My awareness of energy definitely isolated me. And the fact that this theme that was so consistent in my life, when I looked back after many decades, seemed significant.

The effect in my life, of this repeated isolation, was quite distinct. The constant moving, always being the new kid in school after school, town after town. Not having my step dad accept me as his own, the dyslexia preventing me from experiencing success in so many pivotal areas of my life (and then add my strange perspective on life… brought on by all the things I could feel or see that others could not…), even down to not being able to have children…
All of this isolated me, forced me to make my internal connections strong, because I did not get solace or connection in the human world.

But I did from the natural world…

As I look back at the snaking river of my life, I see very clearly how perfectly guided I was, to become precisely who I am today. Shaped as a vessel to attract, hold, carry and bring forth the things that I am capable of bringing forth (which are quite interesting if I do say so myself!)

We each are different….  We harm ourselves and each other when we expect homogenous-ness.    That is abhorrent in nature.  

I think it’s time we started listening to nature in new ways. Nature as guidance, as opposed to just something to be brought to heel. Now that we have actually started exploring intelligence in nature, we have discovered so much evidence of intelligence and human like qualities is species as diverse as single celled slime molds, pigeons, bees and even plants!

I share my findings, many of which I’m betting will blow your mind, in my book Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science.

Check out Chapter 6, “The Earth and Us”, Ch.7, “Plants” and Ch. 8, “Our Fellow Inhabitants” for a lot of cool information on these subjects. 

It’s available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and my website. PM me if you want the links.

Memoirs of a Spritual Catalyst – War, What’s It Really Good For?

Photo Credit: Ethan Robertson


So many angles to approach this from.




Polarity has been used to incite the masses for centuries.

Pick a side. Choose between “the two” (as if there are always, ever, only two options…)

But no matter how you look at it, war, was not, and still is not, the answer. 

Polarity is black and white, good vs evil, right vs wrong, Republican vs. Democrat, us vs them.

One of the oldest, and still used strategies in war today is the practice of dividing to conquer.

Universal Truths…  echo from one dimension to another.

The microcosm being reflected in the macrocosm.

Bonds, hold the smallest of particles in our universe together… These bonds form the matter of our world.  The strongest bond (that we are aware of) creates something lasting.  It starts out dark and lifeless, but because of the strength of its internal bonds, it is able to withstand blistering temperatures, and pulverizing pressures, over an unimaginable stretch of time.  The strength of its bonds, enables it to not just survive, but transform into something beautiful.  Where once it was dull, dark and fragile, the culmination of its journey, and the strength of its internal bonds… It not only survives, but metamorphosizes into a diamond, with great strength, clarity and beauty…

Universal Truths…  echo from one dimension to another.

It works, it works on a molecular level. It works on a cellular level.  It works in the mind, spirit and emotions of just about any human or animal on this planet.  If I can fragment you, cause you to doubt yourself, then I am dividing you, and you become weaker, more vulnerable.

If I can divide you from your neighbors… then I will have already done something Jesus felt was important enough not to do, that he placed it’s opposite as the second commandment…And in doing so, I have weakened you further.

Divide and conquer…

Ukrainian Motherland Monument, Kyiv, Ukraine. Photo Credit: Robert Anasch

Only if your internal bonds (self-love, love of your family, love of your neighbor (did not Jesus say that this was to be only second to loving god?), love of (or connection to your creator), love of your community or tribe… When all of these bonds are strong, we can weather adversity and our hardships will turn us from coal into diamonds…

These are the battles we should be waging.  Paradise was at hand when we did not recognize our differences… right?  In the Garden of Eden.

Think about it. We were in paradise until we began to focus on polarity, we saw the difference between good and evil, and the other opposites I mentioned above.

So let us heal these rifts. Let’s make larger circles, not smaller ones.

The power is in your hands, each and every day.  The power is in your conscious intention for the world, for your community and in your own heart.

I talk about the power of Dividing and Conquering in chapter 58 of my book, Connecting the Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science. For more information and a gratis preview please click here:

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Memoirs of a Spiritual Catalyst – Recognizing and Following Signs from the Universe

When was the last time you followed a spontaneous impulse? I’d love to hear in the comments below…

The other day when I was leaving Hannaford’s supermarket, I felt a strong nudge to go to a group of trees in the distance. It was 10⁰ out making the wind bite through everything I was wearing. I had done a big shopping and as I was putting the groceries in my truck, I kept feeling the nudge to head for the trees in the distance.

I pushed the cart back to its place. There was sparkling ice on everything. I thought it was simply the beauty of the day and the way the sun made rainbows in the ice that drew me. But I have learned that there is often magic at the end of following an impulse, kind of like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

So off I went, carefully crossing through the large parking lot, dodging cars and icy patches.

It can feel awkward following a nudge, hard to explain to others what I am doing and why. Or, if no one else is around it can feel freeing, even exhilarating!

Following this nudge led me to the most amazing shots of an orb that I’d ever taken. It’s not just that the orb was appearing at different elevations. It is actually appearing close to me in the snow, than in the next shot its in front of the trees. In another its behind branches way up high in the trees. It’s location was shifting in seconds. Almost as if it was playing with me.

Just seeing those orbs could sound simple, small or unimportant but using and following that impulse is a very big deal… because…. when you can do this all manner of manifestation can explode around you!

Want to know how to do it? Comment below or send me a dm/pm!

I explore all of this and more in my book Connecting The Dots: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science. For more information and a gratis preview please click here:

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Weaving Together Support              

   Can I say, with a margin of safety, that there are some people out there who exhibit one or more of the following: have premonitions, are intuitive, are able to heal others, can speak with those who are no longer living in physical bodies, are able to communicate with animals and more? 

Our bodies do not evolve randomly, (nothing on this planet evolved – or was created – randomly, especially you!). Because of this fact, the existence of some people who do exhibit the ability to interact with the unseen world leads me to ask; What benefit to survival would these abilities have?  This leads me to What mechanisms in the body might allow this awareness to be possible? 

Why would only some humans develop this ability?  It also makes me want to examine the circumstances under which these special abilities develop as well as try to gain an understanding of any commonalities in both the development of these abilities and the experience of finding one’s self at the mercy of interaction with senses that our society at large rejects.  What is the cost to the individual having to experience this and are there commonalities in how they coped?   

The upshot of this is that I am going to do a series of interviews with folks who have dealt with any of these types of occurrences. I want to, begin to find the common threads that we can weave together to promote and support our young ones (and newbies or any age) in their struggle for self: understanding, mastery, and acceptance in dealings with the invisible world, and what it’s like Being Born Magical.     

If you have any questions or would like to share the extraordinary experience(s) you have had, comment below or PM me.   You can also email me at

Photo Credit: Claudia Lam

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Help Them Soar

If you look at the cover of my book, you will see a Scarlet Macaw just like this one! Did you know that parrots have evolved beyond other birds in the same way that humans have other primates according to many recent studies? Let’s help keep them able to live by their cellular mandates in the wild. Right now any amount you give will be doubled! No amount is too small! On behalf of all parrots, THANK YOU!

I coined the term cellular mandates to represent wisdom within our bodies. Part of it could be an epigenetic inheritance, or our ancestors whispering in our cells’ ears. But the information being communicated to us through our bodies (or being generated within our bodies) is largely ignored. Why? How does that serve us? Because we are concerned that listening to our bodies’ wisdom will make us seem weak?

Actually befriending the instruments that our bodies are, makes us feel more comfortable in our skin than if we don’t. In fact, there are some rather amazing abilities that open to us when we choose to align with the wisdom inside us! To learn more get my book Connecting the Dots Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science and read the chapter “Cellular Mandates”, and “Epigenetics”.

I would also recommend reading the chapter “Trust your Gut?” to get a clear understanding of some of the invisible influences on our bodies. It’s available on Amazon,…/dp/B09KKF6YJ7 .

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Bear Medicine

Photo Credit : Francesco De Tommaso

We fear what we don’t know. Especially if it is powerful.

The bear is a perfect example.  Would it surprise you to know that the bear is considered a sacred animal in many cultures around the world?  But more than just sacred, the bear almost universally was thought to have great healing powers. Healing powers that in some cultures were thought to be taught to humans by the bear. How would that be?  What would put that notion into people’s heads? That a massive creature not known for delicateness or much compassion would be thought to be a healer and impart healing knowledge seems odd. It would be one thing if this notion were just in a small part of the world, or maybe even just on one continent.  But the fact that this belief is prevalent around the world is cause to stop and take notice.

You will hear me talk about “medicine” that creatures or objects have to share.  This is based on teachings I have received from the world around me as well as teachings from my Native American friends.  Anytime we want to access the “medicine” or gift something has to impart to others, we need to study its special strengths, characteristics, or attributes.  For the bear, the first thing I think of is how it hibernates to conserve energy and its need for warmth in the winter. Someone stumbling upon a hibernating bear in the winter might well think it was dead, so slow is its breathing and heart rate (and how cool it would feel to the touch). Discovering that this same bear was alive and walking around the next summer would be surprising. One could easily deduce that the bear had very powerful medicine from just this. Another remarkable attribute of bears is that they are able to walk upright on two legs. Something few other animals on this planet are able to do, like us.

In the winter when there is less food to be found, bears, because of hibernating, do not pose as much competition to us as other predators.  Their absence from the food chain in winters had to feel like a blessing to hunter/gatherers who usually competed for the same foods.  Bears are also associated with trees. Humans are considered walking trees by the South American Quechua people. 

For the Geto—Dacians (Romanian ancestors) the bear was considered to be a sacred creature with healing powers. They were also associated with the seasons, especially fall and spring.  The Romanian word for bear is Urs which you may recognize in the name Ursa Major or great bear (also known as the big dipper). 

This was particularly powerful information for me because first, my father was a Yugoslavian Gypsy (according to my mother).  Why according to her? Because my Papa died when I was too young to have learned anything about him or our (his) culture from him. This has caused me to feel like an orphan culturally. And it has not been easy finding information about that culture (until, apparently now … ).

The second reason this is so powerful for me is that I was born with the big dipper “tattooed” on my arm in freckles. Yep, seven freckles on my forearm in the shape of Ursa major. And if that wasn’t enough, I conducted my first very unexpected healing when I was nine (with a horse!).

As though, perhaps I had been marked with the sign of a healer from birth! Wild!

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