Connecting To Nature Videos

The Wisdom we need can be found within our bodies.
The Medicine we need is in Nature.

In this series Lia shows us how to lean into different aspects of nature, to welcome the healing and profound connection available to us in Nature’s loving embrace.

Nature is healing on so many levels.
It’s not just the physical benefits from trees’ phytochemicals or special bacterium in soil that calm us. We can utilize the specific energy of parts of nature to help us release things that no longer serve us. We can also use aspects of nature to call in energies or shifts that we long for.
Join me in consciously immersing yourself in nature for a few minutes every day. Feel the difference!
With love…
Lia Wisdom Keeper 🧬️
Day 2 of Connecting to Nature challenge In connecting to something, our ability to be open is key.
Being open to new experiences is how we can navigate and migrate into new realities. Today, I encourage you to feel into clouds, lean in, and make a note of what you are able to be aware of.
Our senses take in so much more that we have been taught is possible. Open yourself to your senses.
What are you aware of in connecting to clouds?
With love…
Lia Wisdom Keeper 🧬️
Part 1 (of 2), Connecting to Nature Challenge day 3. I read a little from my book today called “Connecting the Dots, Ancient Wisdom”, from a chapter called “Connecting to Nature”, it fits with our theme, but, I chose this reading because of an amazing connection I had on my way to the waters edge where I intended to film. That encounter is shared in my next video.
OK here’s the 2nd part of Day 3 Connecting to Nature. This is special!!! The cuteness factor is off the charts! This is a wild Baby squirrel that I encountered in the woods. ( make sure to see the video right before this one too.)
With love…
Lia Wisdom Keeper 🧬️
Day 4 of the Connect to Nature Challenge……
Water initiation – to help remove blocks – cleanse unwanted baggage – and bring clarity to your awareness of your journey, and your true purpose.
Breathe and be supported.
This is your invitation to connect with water and receive the intelligence, wisdom, peace, and cleansing that it carries.
With love…
Lia Wisdom Keeper 🧬️
Day 5 of Connecting to Nature to Nourish and balance you ( and generally make you HAPPY!). Today, as I am describing the elements and how they are aware and interact with you, Tate (Lakota for the energy that is wind) plays with me shortly after I introduce him/her. See how this interaction, affects me.
Joy is a direct result of the effect of being open enough to recognize communications from the natural world. Being open and aware are the calling cards of the new paradigm.
Are you working with yours? Enjoy the water, sunlight, and bird song. Holding you close to my heart. We will get through this Breathe Hugs With love…
Lia Wisdom Keeper 🧬️
Day 6 Connecting to Nature:
Been thinking … It is a matter of free choice of what we teach ourselves and our children. And it is something we need to consider (at least in the States) when we have children opening gunfire on other children. It is the direct result of the environments we adults are creating. It’s not happening in other parts of the world. Let me know what are your thoughts on this.
With love… Lia Wisdom Keeper 🧬️
Day 7 Connecting to Nature There is a bacterium in soil that if inhaled or ingested affects the brain in the same ways Prozac does… in other words, it’s an antidepressant!
There is much around us that speaks of the love our Mother, Gaia has for us. Are you aware of the ways she cares for our well being?
Phytochemicals that trees release to bathe themselves – also lower humans’ blood pressure. Direct contact with Gaia grounds us, and so much more. Watch this video and feel the love!
With love… Lia Wisdom Keeper 🧬️
Day 8 Connecting to Nature We are so quick to judge so many things based on their similarities or lack there of to us. This myopic vision has been encouraged by religions that needed to set humans at the center of their world visions.
This stance closes us off to so many enriching relationships with anyone different from us, human, animal or other…
Would it surprise you that trees have much wisdom to share with us about relationships? The whole plant kingdom does.
2 trees placed too close to each other become one, each supplying resources to help the other. They adopt growth habits that give space to the other… sadly if one dies, the other follows soon after.
Now that’s a love story!
With love… Lia Wisdom Keeper 🧬️
What we Focus on Grows… Day 9 of Connecting to Nature
This statement is true energetically across all states of matter, Solids (physical), Liquids (emotional), Gases (thoughts), and Plasma (spiritual).
Plasma may be a new term for many people. It is only recently that scientists recognized that everything was made from plasma and that it not only reorganizes itself but that it responds to consciousness!
This is why what we focus on, is key in manifesting.
Choose wisely…
With love…
Lia Wisdom Keeper 🧬️
Everything in Nature is so well thought out … could you be any less well planned? Not according to your Creator… Day 10 of Connecting to Nature. With love… Lia Wisdom Keeper 🧬️
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