Memoirs of a Spritual Catalyst – War, What’s It Really Good For?

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So many angles to approach this from.




Polarity has been used to incite the masses for centuries.

Pick a side. Choose between “the two” (as if there are always, ever, only two options…)

But no matter how you look at it, war, was not, and still is not, the answer. 

Polarity is black and white, good vs evil, right vs wrong, Republican vs. Democrat, us vs them.

One of the oldest, and still used strategies in war today is the practice of dividing to conquer.

Universal Truths…  echo from one dimension to another.

The microcosm being reflected in the macrocosm.

Bonds, hold the smallest of particles in our universe together… These bonds form the matter of our world.  The strongest bond (that we are aware of) creates something lasting.  It starts out dark and lifeless, but because of the strength of its internal bonds, it is able to withstand blistering temperatures, and pulverizing pressures, over an unimaginable stretch of time.  The strength of its bonds, enables it to not just survive, but transform into something beautiful.  Where once it was dull, dark and fragile, the culmination of its journey, and the strength of its internal bonds… It not only survives, but metamorphosizes into a diamond, with great strength, clarity and beauty…

Universal Truths…  echo from one dimension to another.

It works, it works on a molecular level. It works on a cellular level.  It works in the mind, spirit and emotions of just about any human or animal on this planet.  If I can fragment you, cause you to doubt yourself, then I am dividing you, and you become weaker, more vulnerable.

If I can divide you from your neighbors… then I will have already done something Jesus felt was important enough not to do, that he placed it’s opposite as the second commandment…And in doing so, I have weakened you further.

Divide and conquer…

Ukrainian Motherland Monument, Kyiv, Ukraine. Photo Credit: Robert Anasch

Only if your internal bonds (self-love, love of your family, love of your neighbor (did not Jesus say that this was to be only second to loving god?), love of (or connection to your creator), love of your community or tribe… When all of these bonds are strong, we can weather adversity and our hardships will turn us from coal into diamonds…

These are the battles we should be waging.  Paradise was at hand when we did not recognize our differences… right?  In the Garden of Eden.

Think about it. We were in paradise until we began to focus on polarity, we saw the difference between good and evil, and the other opposites I mentioned above.

So let us heal these rifts. Let’s make larger circles, not smaller ones.

The power is in your hands, each and every day.  The power is in your conscious intention for the world, for your community and in your own heart.

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