Lia welcomed me into her home to perform reiki, meditation and to help me find the source of some inner conflict’s I have been experiencing. Her home was of comfort and very welcoming. I was at ease in her care. We exchanged in deep conversations about angels, ancestors, auras, intuitive abilities and worked with cards and writing. Then we went on to her meditation/reiki space. She cleansed the room, as I laid down on her reiki/massage table. I closed my eyes as Lia worked her hands and soft voice directing my conscious and sub conscious mind to flow. Everything worked in unison to help figure out deep seeded conflict to start the healing process. I saw orbs, colored lights, auras. Some feelings were painful, as we worked to open and repair. We spoke of possible past lives when she was done with our session and I was left at ease. I felt more one with myself and my warrior feminine ancestors. Weeks after the experience, it has stayed with me as well as the techniques taught to me. If you are considering a session with Lia, I strongly encourage!!!

Meghann C

Lia is a gifted healer who has truly studied her craft . I’ve known her for close to 2 decades and seen her develop more and more of her natural skills. I’ve experienced her Reikki as being more than powerful and definitely transformative as Lia is able to find the places where energy is trapped and move it to the point of evoking visions. Laura A Parker owner Inner Circle Farm in Patterson NY .

Laura A.Parker, Owner Inner Circle Farm, Patterson, NY

I was feeling somewhat anxious, lots going on in my life, only had one reiki session before. I really enjoyed the experience. Lia’s hands were so light on my back, the environment was soothing as was the music in the background.  The table was heated, I could feel Lia’s hands drawing energy directly from my back. I feel very relaxed, almost to the point of disorientation, as if I had had a good sleep, which is rare.  Wonderful session.

Then before Session 2, I was feeling uptight, tense, and uneasy. A part of my back has been really hurting, making it even harder to get any sleep. Lia focused on the part of my back that hurt without my telling her that it did.  I could really feel the energy from her hands going right into the hurt spot. The heated table, the soothing music, I kept falling asleep.  That part of my back doesn’t hurt any longer!

Christian Randhahn

I had felt very unsettled. Angry. And I had an upset stomach. I just had a long-term relationship end, and I was having a lot of emotions around this, grief, anger, hurt and I felt lost. I needed to re-center. After my session with Lia My stomach was so much better, it is was amazing! I am still angry, but dealing with it better.

Joel Leitner

I felt so tired, rundown, sore and blah!  After Lia worked on me It was remarkable, I felt so refreshed! The session was so calming and relaxing. This therapy is very beneficial for mental and physical stress. 

Jerry Bingham

When I came for the first session I felt tired, drained, and emotional. By the end of the session I could breathe! I didn’t realize that I could not breathe before. I feel lighter and filled with peace. A burden that has been on me for years was lifted.  I am so grateful!

I loved the wording of the questions Lia asked, they created a safe space for healing.

Before Session 2, I was very tired and drained when I arrived. Now I am feeling light-hearted, free, I can breathe!

The visuals that Lia used were so helpful! Lia asked how old a particular energy was, and I received a powerful answer. So wonderful! I am thankful to have had this experience. I saw an animal guide that appeared to be the first session as well and told me to trust my gut.

The next session, I was very busy minded today. Slightly agitated in my solar plexus, fuzzy minded. After the session I was at peace. Lighter, no longer agitated or busy. I wanted to go be light & playful! Joyous! I loved the addition of the art therapy.  It was extremely helpful and needed at the moment.  I felt almost as if I were hypnotized, moving while still in the meditative state.

At the last session, I felt tired and drained today, but happy to be here!

Now after the session I felt AMAZING!  Lia worked on me using the Reiki and then she used stones and clay.  It was just incredible, I had such powerful visions! It was so transformational!

Rebecka Doring