Were You Born Magical?

Did you ever wish there was a school like Hogwarts? Have you ever had an experience that left you wondering if you were magical? Or even where the boundaries of reality were? The truth is we are all born magical with built-in superpowers, but we are quickly taught to discount or mistrust them. And so these gifts either go dormant or, keep inserting themselves, uninvited, into our lives.

Either way, they are aspects we are encouraged to dismiss. How can we identify our gifts if they are denied? Not only is it hard to tell what your gifts are if you don’t have teachers, but it’s harder to learn how to use them without teachers too! Much like the entrance to the magical track housing the train to Hogwarts was hidden, so too are our gifts (and much of reality) hidden in plain sight.

Disguised as a stone column that no one ever questioned might be anything other than what it appeared at first glance to be. Even those who knew found the experience of walking into what looked like a solid wall of stone, challenging! (at least initially).  The extraordinary can be right in front of us, yet we can be convinced that it’s not “real” (even as we are experiencing it). And it takes bravery to choose to venture these unseen paths.

We are living half-lives because we have allowed important parts of ourselves to be shaved off. We allow this because it is what the majority of those around us do. Or because it is what is expected of us … and yet, remembering these parts benefits us. As does regaining our desire to infer things from nature (Plato, Aristotle, Darwin, all used this method), because it is here that we find the forces that govern the true laws of our world. Ones that until very recently man could not tamper with. Remembering gives us the use of early warning systems, the ability to trust ourselves completely, to discern energetic connections that will do much more than sustain you.

It will change your life in amazing ways, make you more comfortable in your own skin, enable you to clearly manifest what you desire in your life, enable you to create deeply satisfying relationships, including with your body and your spiritual and emotional self.

The answers are all within you, we need only listen. But you may need help understanding how this sensitive instrumentation inside you communicates to you. Understanding this ancient “language” opens you to so many more levels for you to interact with life on. It gives you the courage to stand your ground, freedom to walk the paths that are yours alone to walk. Wings to soar above your everyday issues, and thereby see answers and solutions that you couldn’t before.

I can help guide you to a meeting with the Sorting Hat of your soul so that you know where you stand (what your gifts are) and where you belong (the place where you start to really begin to develop yours!).

Copyright 2022 Lia Russ

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