Healing… are there truly other ways?

When I was nine years old I healed a horse that was being abused and about to become dog food because of his resulting lameness. I accomplished this feat by following inner promptings that I did not understand (including climbing out a bathroom window to sneak down to the stables one night). The thing is, I normally ignored those nudges.

When I discovered the next day that the horse healed, rather than being thrilled at his overnight recovery, I felt uncomfortable. I did not have a context to put this in and because my mom and I moved a lot, I didn’t have anyone to talk with about these kinds of experiences. My mom wasn’t religious, so I had never been exposed to “laying on of hands.” My dad had crossed when I was younger, and I hadn’t seen him since I was 4, so what he believed was unknown to me.

I wanted so much for the love in my heart to be able to help this poor creature.

It is very hard to develop a sense of comfort with things that we witness, but that others around us do not see, and are not talking about experiencing. Even more so when those that do discuss it say things like fantasy, or evil. Its sad because I have discovered very real biological systems in humans that seem to exist for the sole purpose of reading and transmitting frequency. This means that our bodies are very much aware of energies that we encounter, but for some reason we as a culture choose to ignore. If our bodies are aware of energies that are negative or harmful ahead of us, and we don’t respond appropriately (but instead force our bodies to walk into these situations) how do you think that would affect them? Free floating (because we are in denial of its source) anxiety and stress are two ways. Expose the body for long enough and these can develop into sleep and eating disorders, addictions, personality changes and more. All of which would be treated not at the source, but on the symptomatic level (because, just as when Galileo proved that the world was not flat, his new theory disrupted too many established belief systems — folks that profit from such systems, will fight to maintain them, even when their work is harming others). History has proven this over and over. What we each are called to do, is to become aware (our awareness is like a light, and when we focus on something we bathe it in that light). When we are aware that our bodies are doing this (picking up frequency from all around us) we can begin to form an alliance with this miraculous instrument (our bodies), which is what was intended. We are not created randomly. The whole system (the world and our placement in it) is not random. We need only awareness to begin to connect to the whole again. Let me show you what I have discovered.

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