Memoirs of a Spiritual Catalyst – Recognizing and Following Signs from the Universe

When was the last time you followed a spontaneous impulse? I’d love to hear in the comments below…

The other day when I was leaving Hannaford’s supermarket, I felt a strong nudge to go to a group of trees in the distance. It was 10⁰ out making the wind bite through everything I was wearing. I had done a big shopping and as I was putting the groceries in my truck, I kept feeling the nudge to head for the trees in the distance.

I pushed the cart back to its place. There was sparkling ice on everything. I thought it was simply the beauty of the day and the way the sun made rainbows in the ice that drew me. But I have learned that there is often magic at the end of following an impulse, kind of like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

So off I went, carefully crossing through the large parking lot, dodging cars and icy patches.

It can feel awkward following a nudge, hard to explain to others what I am doing and why. Or, if no one else is around it can feel freeing, even exhilarating!

Following this nudge led me to the most amazing shots of an orb that I’d ever taken. It’s not just that the orb was appearing at different elevations. It is actually appearing close to me in the snow, than in the next shot its in front of the trees. In another its behind branches way up high in the trees. It’s location was shifting in seconds. Almost as if it was playing with me.

Just seeing those orbs could sound simple, small or unimportant but using and following that impulse is a very big deal… because…. when you can do this all manner of manifestation can explode around you!

Want to know how to do it? Comment below or send me a dm/pm!

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Copyright 2021 Lia Russ

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